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Are you wanting to save money on your plumbing needs, while also getting a premium level of satisfactory service? Drawing on over 17 years of thorough and varied experience, as well as our passion for customer satisfaction, the skilled and renowned team at Belair Plumbing can breathe new life into your pipes and drains for less with our specialised plumbing services.

If you are searching for a reliable and honest plumber Blackburn home and business owners can trust our modern and detailed services and solutions to ensure that your gas and water systems remain safe and operational.

At Belair Plumbing we know how stressful it can be to have an overflowing drain in the middle of the night and with no plumbers available to address the issue. As a sign of our commitment to our customers we proudly offer reliable and responsive 24 hour emergency plumbing services that can address faults and problems at all times of day or night and for an affordable price. So, if you are after one of Melbourne’s leading local plumbing companies look no further than Belair!

Piping Hot Water is Only a Phone Call Away

Hot Water Service Blackburn

Proudly delivering outstanding local plumbing services to Blackburn and beyond the team at Belair Plumbing can take the hassle out of plumbing. Possessing extensive qualifications and training we have the capacity to conduct faultless and detailed hot water servicing to ensure that you can enjoy access to clean and piping-hot water.

So, while other plumbing companies may provide a “hot water service near me” only Belair will complete our hot water system repair and installation works to the highest standard and to your specifications and requirements.

Consulting directly with our customers we can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your hot water system, allowing you to wash and bathe in clean and fresh hot water. Whether you have an electrically or gas heated system we have the expertise to make it operate better than ever.

The Gasfitters Blackburn Trusts

Gas Fitters Blackburn

At Belair Plumbing we know all too well, like home and business owners across the city, that safe and reliable access to natural gas is a necessity for modern life. As skilled and licensed gas fitting professionals the team at Belair Plumbing can complete thorough and detailed plumbing and gasfitting that conforms to industry safety standards and regulations.

Using tight seals, durable replacement piping and components, and completing testing and inspections of your gas heating systems we can make your gas plumbing systems safer and more reliable. To speak directly to one of our renowned gas plumbers give us a call on 0404 422 279 or on 0408 435 647.


You might think, if you’re looking for large renovation plumbing work, you might think you need a different plumber than for smaller jobs. In fact, with a plumber like Belair, your needs are covered regardless. We attend to all sorts of jobs, including big and small repair and renovation work. We aim to be the one-stop shop for customers’ needs for plumbing services in Bentleigh.


When it comes to plumbing issues, they tend not to strike at convenient times. Outside of workhours, more people will be using a system, this is when failing systems will finally breakdown entirely. We can also help you choose new systems, such as hot water systems, that will run more efficiently on your existing plumbing.


When you contact Belair Plumbing, you know you are contacting a reliable, prompt service. We won’t leave you in the lurch. We offer a same day service, so you know that your plumbing problem will be dealt with swiftly before it becomes a worse problem. Remember that leaks can quickly become worse issues, if left untreated. Call us today.

"Acting is not an important job in the scheme of things. Plumbing is."

Spencer Tracy

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These are the electricity distributors in Victoria. Each one is responsible for a separate geographic region of Victoria.


There are three gas distributors in Victoria. Each is responsible for a separate geographic region of Victoria.